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Hearing and Healing our Inner Self Through Affirmation, Coloring, and Activities. 

What is Power to Heal Deck (What we do)

Here at Power To Heal Deck, we support brave souls while they’re in various inner healing phases by providing self healing tools such as affirmation cards, adult coloring and guided meditations. These tools are designed to help you work through traumatic experiences and find peace. Power to Heal Deck  provides a safe space to explore emotions, practice self-care, and find a path to inner healing. With the help of these powerful methods, a supportive and empowering environment you can begin to uncover the root of your trauma, explore your emotions and start the journey of healing. 

Where to Start?
How Do I Tap In & Begin Self Healing?

My Story

I was a bubbly, sweet but awkward kid. Picture a happy hippie chilling in a bed of flowers type of vibe. Yeah, that was me. Unfortunately things didn’t stay happy. I was severely harmed the length of my childhood. Physically, mentally, you name it. I had no feelings of safety. No words of comfort for me. No one came to my rescue. I learned early on that my healing was solely my responsibility. I started on my self healing journey and things began to come together. I worked tirelessly to heal (I still do!). I decided I never want another living being to feel lost and alone without hope so all the things I wish someone had said to me, I say them here with love through affirmations, meditation, coloring and writing activities. I will forever be a cheerleader for those who feel their voice has been weakened. Empowerment, compassion, support and love are in abundance here at Power To Heal Deck.

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