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5 Ways of Selfcare During The Holiday & Everyday


The holidays are almost here! You’re busy cooking, planning, organizing everything. Why? because it’s always been your responsibility so while making sure everyone else is cared for, you’re neglected. You’re used to that so what do you do differently to make sure you’re taken care of?
Here’s a few things to get you started:

1. Stop everything and take a break!

Even if it’s just five minutes, take the time so you’re able to refocus and re-center yourself. It helps you think clearly.

2. Remember to eat.

We get busy, we skip meals. You need all the nutrients because you’re definitely using a lot of energy being a bionic human💪🏽💪🏿💪🏼

3. Vibe out.

Make sure you have music that you enjoy. Music helps brighten days so play what brightens yours. Dancing also helps with regulating moods so you’ll have a 2 for 1 here!

4. Ask for help!

You’re so used to taking care of the world-alone.. no more of that! People are usually waiting on your asking for their assistance. Let them know what they can do to make your load lighter.

5. Plan your day.

Creating a to do list can be a game changer. You’re able to see what needs to be done and feel the satisfaction of crossing it off your list when completed.

Remember.. no one is more important than you. Your needs matter. Take time for you because you deserve it just as much as anyone

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