Guided Meditations

Reduce Anxiety And Find Calm
with Guided Meditation-Inner Healing

#selfdiscovery #innerwork #anxietymeditation
Relax your mind, body and soul with a few minutes of guided meditating for anxiety but you can use for many types of inner healing sessions. Take time to nurture and care for you. Enjoy!

Self Love 5 Minute Guided Meditation

#selfdiscovery #innerwork #innerpeace
A guided meditation on self love to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase self-awareness, and foster feelings of self-compassion. It can also help to reduce negative self-talk, increase positive thinking, and create a sense of inner peace.

Guided Healing Meditation
Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD, And Stress

#innerpeace #meditation #anxietymeditation #traumahealing Discover the benefits of meditation and begin to live a happier life, healing and growing. Meditation to assist with trauma to help reduce stress and negative self talk to heal your inner self.

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