Power To heal deck

Hearing and Healing our Inner Child Through Affirmation, Coloring, and Activities. 


First, let’s discuss what the inner child is. The inner child is your child-like side and what you’ve learned early on. This is where your subconscious holds beliefs and memories from your past. A healthy inner child can be seen as fun, loving smiling, enjoying childlike activities. A wounded inner child can be traumatized by childhood events which may present as being easily triggered, reactive and face many adult challenges.


Power To Heal Deck is an inner child healing and affirmation set of cards designed to assist therapist in connecting with those doing the inner child healing work. And for souls at home in all stages of their healing journey.

The deck includes:

  • 34 beautifully melanated cards with affirmations
  • Detailed descriptions of each affirmation
  • coloring pages of every card
  • activity pack reminiscent of childhood activities to help you tap into your inner child and begin the needed discussions.

We are expanding to include art prints, large stand alone coloring books and much more.

To learn more about inner child healing and Power To Heal Deck, visit us at: TikTok-@powertohealdeck

Cartoon Bear with third eye
cartoon letter and envelope
cartoon girl drawing on easel


  • Acknowledge the inner child
  • Sit with them.
  • Therapy. Some types include behavioral and trauma therapy. (Please chat with your therapist)
  • Bring your Power To Heal deck to therapy and pick a card to dissect your feelings.
    You can use Power To Heal Deck on its own or as an assistive tool for healing.
healing your lost inner child
Inner Child Healing

As we get ready for the release of the inner child healing, Power To Heal Deck, we’ll start to look inside. Using your tarot, oracle , or affirmation deck of choice, sit with these questions and begin to understand more about your inner child. Journal or chat with your therapist as you start to decipher your responses. You’ll find the answers may surprise you. To learn more about inner child healing and Power To Heal Deck, visit TikTok: @powertohealdeck

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